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At Spectrochem Instruments we design, develop and manufacture intelligent innovative embedded system based solutions for instrumentation & Automation applications, our core competence is Instrumentation & automation.we have more than eighteen years expertise in designing & manufacturing cutting edge micro controller products. 

Our Products:

Analytical Instruments...

  Vapor Generation Accessory/ Hydride Generator

  Nebulizers for AAS & ICP

  Auto gasbox for AAS

  pH Controllers

  On-line Gas Analyzers



  Airlift Bioreactor

 Photo Bioreactor

  Peristaltic Pumps

Embedded Trainer kits...

  Micro controller kits

  Data Acquisition cards 

  Motor drivers


  Other embedded hardware

  Pro-universal microcontroller trainer kit

  Robotic kits

Home Automation...

  Lighting controls


  Security & Access Control

  Audio, Video & Data Networking

  Water management

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